Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Portland Ensign Choir and Orchestra's BIG Summer Concert

 Hey friends! I wanted to pass this on - its a link to the Portland Ensign Choir and Orchestra BIG summer concert announcement! Tickets are on sale now- we've only got two weeks! So hurry up! :)  Its going to be a way fun concert! Lots of Disney and Jenny Oaks Baker!!! My family and I are all in it! We'd love to see you there!

Monday, May 28, 2012

LIFE IS A HIGHWAY - Our California Trip

So before we move and submerge our selves in school and work, Cameron and I decided we HAD to take a trip. We took our time making our way down historic highway 101 ; visiting the Red Woods and San Fransisco, spending some play time in Anaheim and finishing the trip at beautiful Lake Shasta with family and friends. Here our some pictures from the trip! ;-) It was a ball!

We started the trip at Lincoln City and stopped wherever we wanted to stop!!! From giant Sand Dunes to African Safaris! The Red Woods, the Avenue of the Giants, and beautiful San Fransisco!

This is a baby black leopard. It mostly seemed like a over-grown house cat, with an extra long tail and killer claws. It was so fun to play with.

This baby black bear was not as soft and cuddly as he looks ! :) But still so much fun to hold !

San Fransisco

Forest Gump and Bubba Gumps :)


We were able to spend three days at the two parks ...and out of everything we were able to see and do, the animation drawing class was at the top of Cameron's favorites list! :)

The evening water show at Califronia Adventures was INCREDIBLBE!!! Top of my favorites!

The Blue Bayou - also top of my favorites list. This is the "outdoor" resturaunt that the Pirates of the Carribean ride goes right past - fireflies included :)  And the food was sooo good!

Cake decorating class with MOM!

For mom's birthday in March I signed her and I up for a cake decorating class together. It was really fun - something I've been wanting to do with her for a while. I'm hoping we can squeeze in one more class before we move! Advance to the next level! :)  Here are our cakes we made towards the beginnging of the four-week class - before we learned all sorts of cool flowers and floral designs!