Wednesday, October 17, 2012

King Tut is in Seattle! Well not really, its falsly our big dissapointment!

When Cameron and I first saw advertisements for the King Tut exhibit at the Pacific Science Center I remember both agreeing that that could be a really enlightening and fascinating date night. After BYU Alumni offered us discounted tickets we decided to jump at the opportunity. I love studying world history, especially learning about ancient people and cultures.

It was really cool. And we got to see some really amazing historical treasures. However, I must say that Cameron and I were both disappointed that by the end of the exhibit we were not looking at a four thousand or whatever it is year old corpse. We got through the last part of the exhibit and I said out loud, "That's it? Where's King Tut?" However, after the security personal explained that a solid gold casket does not travel well, and even more so a couple thousand year old corpse which has rarely left its burial grounds (solely for medical testing) I understood. Overall, it was really a cool experience and I am increasingly grateful that I was not an ancient Egyptian who had to look forward to their stomach, lungs, liver, and intestines being preserved to ensure their existence through the eternities.

Did you know the reason King Tut is so famous? Or at least why his name is so widely known? This was news to me. He was also known as the boy King, his life ending at the age of 19 for reasons still unknown (possibly due to malaria). At the end of this life he had made some allegiances to military/political leaders that seemed to have been taboo at the time. His death was then a hushed event, and his burial even more sore. Because everything was done so quietly and so quickly there was little attention drawn towards him as a a dead king and his tomb. As the years passed, his tomb was one of few that was left almost untouched by robbers and I think the only tomb in the Valley of the Kings with the dead Pharaoh's body still found within. Interesting huh!? For someone who may not have left a significant mark on his world during his life, he certainly went out with a bang, now the whole world knows who King Tut was!

Waiting outside - you can kind of see the space needle. Looks way cool at night time. Also, first camio of Cameron with his new glasses. Still a cutie huh!? Wears them well I think!

Garners came to town!!!

We had an awesome weekend with Mom and Dad Garner. They had school off on Friday and were able to come up north and spend a couple of days with us in the gray rainy weather that Seattle so often offers! How lucky we are to have such great family! Love you guys! Thanks for a fun visit!

First stop!? The gum wall!!!! ... not so much because it is a breath-taking Seattle landmark, one that just forever "sticks" with you! Ha! That was for you Carl! ;-) But mostly because it is almost impossible to avoid as you walk down the side streets to Pike's Place.

The Fish Market!!!

 Down on the piers!

Our harbor cruise! 

We stopped by the Seattle public library on our way out of town.. did a bit of light reading! :) Actually, it was really cool! And merits a necessary return trip! It was huge! Books after books! And rather a bizarre lay-out for a library. At one point, Cam's mom and I took a trip a couple floors up in search of a bathroom that was not already occupied by an intoxicated and apparently mad-at-the-world homeless women. We ended up on the fourth floor of the library, surrounded by tunnels of I can't even remember how many different shades of red. I felt like I was on the magic school bus - swimming through Arnold's circulatory system! It was so weird...and not a book in sight. All for show I guess.

All in all, it was a wonderful weekend, complete with clam chowder, Mexican food, movie nights, piano music provided by Mama Garner, and rain! Thanks again Mom and Dad Garner!