Friday, June 7, 2013


4 years ago today Cameron and I became more than friends. Its crazy to think that that much time has passed, but at the same time, I feel like its been much longer. I remember that day really well though. Anyone who knows Cameron knows he has a problem with nerves, and can't hide it! His fingers start to shake and his voice gets all shaky - not to mention the sweaty sweaty hands (that's what gave it all away when he proposed - He was all you know, calm and collected, until he started talking about us and something he wanted to ask and.... bring on the shaking hands!!! I knew it was something BIG)! But I LOVE it! I love that he gets nervous!...  when there was something BIG, something he wanted to say or do SO bad, but was so nervous to do so. I use past tense because I'm happy to say that after almost 3 years of marriage he has managed to mostly shake off those nerves, I mean we're pretty comfortable with each other now. ;-)

As part of that date, Cam and I played dress up at the Church's Motion Picture studio! Don't we make such lovely laminates!? :)

The date ended up turning into an all day affair. We had been really good friends for a while and it was so easy to spend time together and loose track of it! After playing dress up and taking a long tour of the studio I met up with Cameron later in the evening for dinner at some yummy Mexican restaurant off Center Street. Afterwards, we journeyed across the street to the park to goof of and just talk. We ended up having a "serious" "DTR" (whatever that means - but you get the idea) discussion on the bleachers there and ended the evening soaked by the automatic sprinkler system! Walking back to the car, drenched, hand in hand, I knew this was the start of something BIG!

Today we also celebrated Little Bug's 4 months! Wow! Time is flying by! and she is getting to be so much fun! Its crazy how small these little babies are but how so much of their personality starts to develop and becomes apparent. And I am certain that this LITTLE baby has room for a BIG personality.

Poor thing has had a really good cold all week! Her first one! Which has been torture to see her sick. You feel so bad for them - how frustrating to have a leaky faucet as a nose with no instinct to blow, or at least sniff...instead it covers your face, drains into your mouth and leaves you out of breath. I called my mom Monday in a panic after listening to Laila struggle to breath through her nose all night wondering if it is possible to suffocate from said leaky-faucet. Death-by-snot! Ah! On the up-side, I have been so sad that I don't have a cuddly baby, well I did this week. We went through spurts of wanting to sleep all day and cuddle to grump, fussy, and don't you dare put me down. She is feeling better now! Yay! Although, have you ever heard a baby who has lost her voice try and talk to herself, or cry, or scream out of frustration. Its hard not to laugh at her, so we do. Its pretty cute. I love my little scratchy-voice bug-eye baby!!!!