Sunday, September 15, 2013

Summer happenings...

It has been a busy, fun-filled summer. Here is a quick update on our summer happenings;

(*disclaimer :)  forever long post...there were WAY too many pictures to choose from)

Yellowstone/ Island Park - Sill Family Reunion

We had a BLAST! Laila and Jack both had their first tube rides behind the boat :)


Family kayak and canoe trip down the river! We even had a mamma and baby moose join us!
I was so nervous as this trip started out. Within the first 2-3 minutes, no joke, the entire family was out of sight beside our canoe and my parents. We had Laila throwing a fit, screaming her head off, and mom, dad, and Jack tipped their canoe. Both grandparents with soaked, with skinned elbows and knees, but with my mom's most graceful and talented efforts a DRY Jack. Good work Lala!!! and lucky, as I mentioned, we were not very far and the water was fairly shallow!  I was thinking to myself, oh boy! What have we gotten ourselves into!?!?!?!?!? This is going to be the longest adventure ever!!!!!  But things calmed down, and it was beautiful and so much fun! 

This was our family Sunday hike to the waterfalls.  BeaUtiful!!

A good chunk of the Sill family cousins! 

Now to the good, smelly stuff! :) It had been so long since I'd been to Yellowstone. I thought it was way cool to walk around and see the different hot pots/ geysers/ orange and blue and brown and white swimming pools. 

Loved this picture of Jack Jack!

 Laila and Ol' Faithful!

Floating the river! Honestly I could have down this all day! We took this picture when Chris and Melani (obviously) joined up with us! Earlier, however, both mom and dad floated the river with us along with Maija and Brielle!

This beautiful spot was right behind the cabin we stayed at. I wish we could have stayed longer. What a fun get-away!?!? 

Corbin and Carianne's Wedding

My little purple bug! Cameron made this dress, and a second for Laila's cute little cousin Aria. Cousin Alec had a matching bow tie! What a talented man I married!?!

The bride and groom! Congrats lovebirds! Best of luck on your happily ever after! Remember to visit and revisit and revisit and revisit that building you are standing in front of ! What a blessing!?

I love listening to this talented family"make" music. That evening Cameron sang with Corbin at the reception.

Little Cutie! 

Laila and dad with Great Grandma Lula!

Lara and I were laughing so hard watching these newbies dance with their little girls. Aria was not so sure about all of it and let everyone know.

Tangled! Well kind of. I thought it was the coolest thing! Awesome idea Carianne!



Hanging with the Garners

Cousin time! 

I know both of these men have played a great deal of influence in Cameron's, and I am sure Bronson's, life.

Ready for the FAIR! 

Laila - keeping herself entertained!

During our week in Salem, we snuck in a visit to Portland to see Auntie Ashleigh! I thought these pictures turned out darling! 

Another trip to Utah 

This made our fourth trip to Utah this summer, and our fifth long trip (Yellowstone being one of them). Laila has been such a trooper! She has become quite the little traveler and luckily has decide the car seat is not all bad. I remember when she was smaller when she really did not enjoy being strapped into it. I am so glad she worked that out or these could have been a lot more interesting! I do have to say though, boy we were glad this last long drive to have a baby that has started a solid diet. Never once did we have a blow out and never did we have a puddle of digested remnants in the carseat!  As my brother appropriately named little Queen poops-alot, we had some interesting road trips. Let's just say Laila has taken several "baths" in the bathrooms at multiple rest stops and gas stations between here and Utah! 

We did travel in style this time around. We all wanted to drive together in one car so we rented a van. Let's just say we all fit! Ha! It was so much fun! 

Miss Emily

I am so glad we were able to be there and show our support and love for Brandon and Michelle and their sweet family. I VERY much admire their dedication to the gospel, their family and those things they know to be true and good. I have always looked up to them from the very first time we met (almost 5 years ago). 


Grandma Bonnie, with Mamma Garner and her siblings. It was fun to visit and meet more of the Auger family.

Laila with Grandma Bonnie.                                

More cousin time!