Sunday, March 16, 2014

February 6th, 2014

What an incredible year this has been!? Its crazy to think of myself almost driving myself mad with anxiety and every other emotion, so anxious to meet this little creature my body had been creating! I was SO curious what she would look like, what she would be like. And now that little "creature" is 1 ! My little blue eyed beauty! Here are Laila's top 3 for 12 months!

Top 3 Cutest things she does...
1. She has gotten so good with the kisses. My favorite though, is when she goes in for the kiss, and then pulls back, then goes in for the kiss, then goes back...over and over.. Btw, she got that from her father. I like to call them woodpecker kisses...and they drive me crazy! But I do think they are much cuter when they come from a 1 year old! :)
2. I love it when she is a little unsure of her surroundings, whether its a new place, or new people, whatever...she keeps a strong hold on my pant leg. As long as we maintain that connection, we can do anything! We can conquer the world together!
3. Laughs. Its a weird thing when YOUR child laughs. I don't think any words exist that describe that emotion.

Top 3 Least Cutest things she does....
1. Trantrums. Oh yes, they have begun. And better yet, she can do them with style. She is my drama queen. Body thrown to the floor.
2. Ok, actually, I think this next one is pretty cute, but sometimes it drives me crazy. When Laila grabs something she knows she shouldn't, she runs as fast as she can. When she hears my voice, she tosses the item in question and picks up speed, trying to ensure a clean get-away!
3. Gags herself - sometimes to the point of throwing up. ya, no joke. She loves to stick her hands down her throat until she gags, and then she comes up for air just a laughing.  Is this normal? Sometimes I wonder.

Top 3 Funniest things she does...
1. "uh-oh". When you walk into her room after a nap or in the morning, she rushes around in her crib to find Zebra and immediately thrusts him overboard. She then simultaneously screams, "uh-oh" and points to her beloved stuff animal. You think this game would get old, but without fail, for several days in a row, this has become the new regime. I laugh every time.
2. She has turned "thank you", which she signs really well when you asks her, to slapping herself anywhere on her face and moving it off. Sometimes thank you now means a slap on the head.  The concepts there, right?
3. We have an elevator in our building. You don't even have to ask anymore, the moment we walk up to it her finger is out and ready! "Lift me up mom so I can push the button!!!"

Top 3 Favorite Things...
1. She has a new best friend. We go to the YMCA pretty much everyday and I leave her at the child care, or kid's gym. It took her quite a while, and I hated the walk out of the room, listening to my child scream bloody murder for me. Now, however she does much better and often gets excited to be left to play. When a certain employee is there, though, she leaps out of my arms and can't get to her fast enough. The only relief I get from this, is when I return, she runs into my arms and decides that maybe she does need her mom!
2. Zebra.. forever and always. Funny story. For her birthday, we got a couple back ups. Thank goodness. Well we got one of the new ones out to give to her, to break it in a bit. That way, if there comes a day when we are desperate to make the switch and convince her of it, it might be more believable. She really didn't take to the good-smellin', no yellow-stained furn, stiff neck zebra at first...but he grew on her. The day she found two zebras at one one, I just wish you could have seen her face. PURE bliss.
3.Water. Loving pool, bath and shower time. Any time we can get wet.

Top 3 Dislikes
2.Vegetables. She wont eat them. Ah! I have to disguise them and hide them into things. Even peas are a hit or miss. Darn it.
3. Bed time. She has figured out the routine, and knows when its coming. She tries hard to get away, but her efforts are usually in vain.

Top 3 Accomplishments
1. Her sign language has gotten pretty good. We are very good with "please", "thank you", "eat" (of course), "milk" (again of course. she knows what's important) and "sorry", and even "I love you" is starting to make more and more appearances.
2. Walking and running around everywhere. It makes visits to the park that much more fun.
3 We now know what sounds a dog makes and we are making head way on the cow! Oh my! The simple things in life!

To celebrate the day, we started off with pancakes for breakfast (which are a favorite!) and had a swim party with a bunch of our friends at the community pool! It was a great day!