Thursday, May 23, 2013

My blue eyed beauty!!!!

This is why we call her "Little bug"...those eyes can get soooo BIG! I am so happy she got her daddy's eyes- I love them!!!!

Mother's day photo

Time flies when you're having fun!

So the other day I was flipping through old pictures and videos of Laila and I was shocked!!!! She has changed SO SO SO much. It's amazing how fast their little bodies grow. I swear sometimes it happens overnight, I will go in in the morning and I am looking at a bigger, older looking little baby girl! Ahhh! No one told me to enjoy those early sleepless nights when I could barely keep my eyes open, or those oh-so lovely noisy evenings...ok, maybe people did tell me but I didn't want to believe it. I think it is super easy to always be looking forward to the next stage, whatever that may be. I have learned my lesson. I am sure the day will come when I go back on my words, but just shove it back at me - ENJOY IT! It flies by! "My baby's all grown up and saving China and all! " ;-) Ahhh!

Speaking of "growing up"...guess who is starting to figure out how to get from her tummy to her back. Little Laila is doing flips, well rolls....All that wiggling is working for her!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My giggly and sometimes screaming little bundle of joy!

Today was a hard day. I didn't think they could, but I think Laila's screams are growing in volume. I just felt drained. We had places we needed to be and responsibilities to fulfill, and the little girl was going to make sure to make them more difficult than enjoyable. After several hours of screaming in the car to and from places, I decided enough was enough and it was time to retreat back to headquarters. I was skyping a good friend this afternoon and her first comment was wow, you look exhausted...who knew I was wearing it so vividly on my face - and I try so hard to hide it...opps. I can't blame her too much for her comment because beyond brushing my teeth for the day we really didn't get very far in trying our best to look ready for the world.

After all of this, however (which really is nothing too terribly tragic or difficult) I found myself sitting on the couch with Laila in my lap. Post feeding, which is more often than not our happiest time of the day. And cue the water works. Tears started to flood down my cheeks as I realized how much I loved this giggly and sometimes screaming little bundle of joy! It doesn't take much to get a grin on her face anymore, and her giggles absolutely melt my heart.

I remember writing a post earlier about how its okay to say you're not enjoying things that first month, or how difficult it can be. People don't tell you that. Again, I have to add how truly blessed we have been for good health, for all of us. In retrospect, we were so blessed and continue to be so.  But now that my sanity is coming back (although its probably debatable) and those sleepless nights are not nearly as sleepless, I truly can wrap my head around what an incredible blessing and time this is for our little family.

She is such a chatterbox. But the best part is is she will look you directly in the eyes and just talk and talk and talk. Its like she really is trying to tell you something. Its incredible! Her little eyebrows and eyes move with each inflection. I LOVE it (well...most of the time - we have recently "kicked" her out of sleeping in our room due to her 3:00am conversations with herself :) )  !

I have a good friend who just found out she is expecting! Yay! However, I think it is finally settling in as she spends a lot of time with her head in the toilet and wishing she were in bed. She's not too excited about the near future. I remember that. I remember talking with my dad and asking him why there were not more single children in this world. Why would anyone sign up to do this thing more than once?!

Before finding out that our two-some would be turning into a three-some, we were both looking at acceptance letters into programs we were both anxious about pursuing.  When plans shifted I wasn't so sure of their new direction. It wasn't until that first ultra-sound, when we could see facial features and a heart beat. It wasn't until I could feel those flutters in my stomach. It wasn't until Cameron laid is head on my belly and got a visible kick in the face that I realized what an incredible thing this was. It was and is worth every moment of my head in the toliet, every moment awake when I would rather be asleep, worth every tear and feeling of inadequacy and exhaustion is worth everything I could possibly sacrifice and give.  Besides her father, Laila is my greatest possession. I am so grateful for my Heavenly Father. For his trusting us with her little body and spirit. Witnessing the miracle of life, I think, really confirms that there is more than just this earthly existence. What an incredible amazing thing!

Happy Mother's day!

My mom has always been someone I have looked up to and admired. I am so blessed to have such a great role model in my life and now in Laila's. LOVE YOU MOM!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Laila's first birthday party

Laila's first big bash with the other kiddos! We're lacking on the social skills, but you got to cut her some slack...what do you expect from a 3 month old, right?! :)

Laila and handsome Luke! Someday soon they'll be buddy buddy :)

Me and mamma shaking our hips with our maraca!

Just because photos!

It's so hard not to take pictures just because! We keep both the camera and video camera out on the "kitchen" (I use quotations because if you have been to our little apartment you will know that there really is no room in the kitchen for a table, but that's its purpose in the next room over...) table, just so we are always ready. You never know what cute thing we are going to catch Laila doing next, right!?! :)

Just relaxing in my cozy bumbo..arm rests and everything :)

Sporting my new shoes! Thank you Aunt Loylyn! 

Not really sure about this yet....but the view is great!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

What are babies good for????

A baby will make 

love stronger,

days shorter,

nights longer,

bankroll smaller,

home happier,

clothes shabbier,

past forgotten,

and the future 

worth living for. 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Our trip to Utah!

Oh I was so stressed about this trip. Laila has a pretty good little scream. My mom suggested packing a parachute just in case they kicked of us off the airplane! Ha! Well, little miss promptly didn't let us down and screamed before, during, and after our flight. (I tried to get her calmed down before - the goal being we could sneak on before anyone knew she could scream - well, she blew our cover fast!) We didn't get any dirty looks (at least that I could see) so we kept the parachute hidden and finally made it to Utah!

It was a fun trip. Thank you to the Yeoman's for helping with transportation and letting us stay at their place! Can't WAIT to come back in June! And it was good practice for soon-to-be grandma Karlene! (Craazy!) It was a quick trip and we didn't get to see everyone we would have LOVE to have visited with! But we did get to stop by and visit with Grandpa Alberts and Grandma and Grandpa Sill (so sad we didn't get a picture of Laila with G & G Sill!!!! Next time for sure) ! Love them!

We headed to Utah to be able to be there for Brittany and her cute family. She and Nathan were blessing Alec. He is a cutie, a tiny tiny cutie and definitely Brittany's baby. He looks just like her. We had a fun time crashing at their place for the weekend and visiting with Brandon and Michelle and the kids as well. It was the first time all the Garner grand-children could all be together with two more still on the way this year! SO FUN!

 Laila with Great Grandpa Alberts - one of my favorite people in the world! My dad, Grandpa Alberts, is one of the people I admire the most in the the world, both my parents. When I look at this man, I know why my dad is the way he is...its in his blood!

Laila with great Aunt Diane

Laila and cousin Emily!Someday soon they will be able to dress up as princesses together!

All the Garner kiddos!

We made it home again! And this time our flight was much more enjoyable! Good job little one!

and a couple videos.....

Celebrating earth day!

Laila and I spent some time outside planting our little garden and celebrating earth day together! It was a beautiful day! And I am so excited for some fresh basil and cilantro!!!!

Daddy and baby girl!

Conference weekend in the middle of nowhere!

Growing up we have taken several trips to Utah (ok a ton! we've got that route memorized, from Portland to Utah. Every rest stop, gas station, and taco time! But we have taken several trips specifically to head down that direction for our church's General Conference - a meeting held for the entire Latter Day Saint Church membership broadcasted throughout the world where we can gather together and listen to the council and doctrine from our church leaders.) It has been a special opportunity to actually be at the actual meeting compared to just watching it on television. Anyway....we decided this year to meet somewhere in the middle, somewhere in between Seattle (myself, Laila and Cameron), Portland (mom and dad) and Provo (Chris, Melani and Jack). Where did we end up? The middle of no-where! It was a lot of fun to just be together and get to spend time just hanging out and watching conference together.

This is Melani's picture of where we stayed! As she put it...some random farm :) We were really in the middle of no where!

Opa and Jack


Melani put this picture up on her blog and I love it! It was so much fun watching them interact together. Last time Laila and cousin Jack were together, two-week old Laila, who looked like a mini version of E.T. really wasn't doing much of anything besides sleeping.  And I can't believe how big Jack is getting! He has got to be the happiest baby ever!

A little bit of sunshine in the rainy city!

I am so ready for spring to be here! I absolutely love the  rain, however, after so many months of gray you can actually feel your body grave a little bit of liquid gold.

 Laila is growing so fast! I can't believe how fast the time is flying by. The first month took its time but I can't believe we are almost to three months by now! She is getting more and more interactive which is an absolute blast! The giggles, the smiles, and the sounds! She is a talker! It is so much fun to watch her try and talk back with me....her face gets these expressions that you can't help but laugh at! I love her!