Sunday, January 26, 2014

11 1/2 months ish..almost 12!

Laila's top 3 before the BIG NUMERO UNO! Can you believe that?!

Top 3 Cutest things she does...
1. When she gets a little nervous or shy, she hides her head between my legs or rests it on my shoulder, I love that!
2. Toothy grin! - She's got four now!
3. She growls when she sees the lions at the zoo or a toy lion. I can't get her to do it on command yet, but if she sees one she'll do it.

Top 3 Least Cutest things she does...
1. Spit. I blame La La. A while back they played taking turns spitting at each other, back and forth, back and forth. Ever since, she seems to think its some kind of funny game. The worst is when she decides to play with a mouth full of mashed carrots.
2. She's figured out how to wiggle her way out of her stroller, in fact, we will just say wiggle. That girl does not like to sit still.
3. New nap routine... tired beyond belief. Red eyes, grumpy, the whole nine yards. Yet she insists on playing for an hour or two in her crib and then wants to crash. Consequently, I feel like we spend the entire day trying to get a sleepy tired girl who wont hold still long enough to sleep to nap.

Top 3 Funniest things she does...
1.  There have been several times when she is supposedly napping when I suddenly hear a scream, pure terror. I think, "Oh my gosh! She has finally figured out how to climb out of her crib!" I go running into her room frantic, only to find Laila standing tall in her crib, pointing to the floor where in fact, there is a man overboard. Somehow, Zebra has abandoned ship and she was not happy about it. I have to laugh. I am learning, however, that Zebra doesn't always get rescued, otherwise, she has figured out how to get me back in the room. Smart cookie! :) It's still pretty cute. And I can't help but laugh as I peek through the door at the saddest little girl ever.
2.Bath time. After taking her to the pool over Christmas break and getting her used to dunking her head in the water, she tries to do the same in the bath. She leans over and puts her face in the water. She comes up each time with the same startled face, but goes right back in for another dunk. Cracks me up every time. She still manages to splash water everywhere.
3. She narrates while she plays.

Top 3 Favorite things
1. Zebra is still a favorite. I think I have set myself up for failure....especially with all the traveling we've down this last month. We've tried to keep Zebra in her crib, so its just a sleep-time thing. But she took Zebra with her everywhere these last few weeks! Meaning, they are now inseparable...and I have NO back-up.
2. Her toothbrush! no complaints about that.
3. Swinging at the park.

Top 3 Dislikes
You know, this so depends on her mood. Some times some things, some toys,  some food, or some activity is her favorite thing ever and then the next time you try she thinks its the worse idea ever.
1. Soggy diapers. She has developed a nice little habit of waking up between 2 and 4 in the morning to give me a holler to get the soggy diaper off of her wet bottom. She does get herself back to sleep fortunately, after telling Zebra all about it first.
2. Repetitive time-outs. Sometime she doesn't mind time out, but when you have to do it three of four times in a row because she goes right back to the "NO" activity/item, she starts to throw a fit. You think she'd catch on. I know she knows.

Top 3 Accomplishments
1. Her gibberish is starting to make sense. She's learned how to say "mama" and "dadda" consistently. Before she would say the sounds, but I don't know if she actually was connecting them to what they mean. Cousin Jack also taught her how to say "Wo", so know we "Wo" at everything. Its pretty cute!
2. She's a great waiver. At times I feel as if we are on parade at the grocery store, grinning and waiving at everyone!
3. She is wanting to walk so bad. Anytime she can be up on her feet moving around, holding onto hands or legs or furniture. She'll take a couple of steps on her own, but the confidence and the balance are not quite there yet.

From Seattle to Salem, OR to Seaside, OR back to Seattle and then back to Seaside, OR to Portland, OR to Utah to Arizona to Portland and back to Seattle

Whew! What a trip!?! And how incredibly fortunate to be able to visit and see so many of our family and friends! Thank you to all who made our travels and Laila's first Christmas unforgettable!


We visited the Theo Chocolate Factory here in downtown Seattle. Laila loved sporting the hair net! Ha! The funniest part was she has NO hair but they were persistent about covering up those few strands she does have I guess. 

So poor Chris and Melani and Jack were supposed to fly into Seattle on a Thursday. However, weather was so bad in Salt Lake that an airplane slipped off the runway and that closed down the airport for most of the day. Friday morning we wake up to snow in Seattle, that RARELY happens. Sadly, Chris and Melani weren't able to join up with us until late Friday evening. But here are some fun pictures of Laila's first snow! She LOVED it! ;-)

Off exploring Ballard locks....

Cousin bath time!!! 

Pike's Place

Lala and the babes!


The whole clan who was able to make it. We're all sporting our new hats the oh-so-talented Brittany made! Cute, huh!?

Playing the piano with grandma Garner


We drove back to Seattle for the day of the 24th for Cameron's choir and orchestra Christmas performance. It was fantastic! They did a great job! Cameron even tried out and got a solo part (No surprise there, right!?)


Cousin picnic

Pool Party 

My sleeping angle

We lucked out with amazing weather for the Oregon coast. Sunshine, at the coast!? Perfect!

Christmas at the beach


Alberts Clan! We're all in there :) 

Our get-away to Midway with the Sill family included a horse-drawn carriage ride. 

Aria and Laila


Laila and Grammy trying out the rocking horse. 

Happy New Year! We welcomed the New Year at our family's 70's Disco Party.  It was a blast! Complete with too much food, games, dancing and fire lanterns.

Midway Ice Castles with Bronson, Lara and Aria. It was incredible. I have wanted to see this for years. It was amazing to see. 

Little Aria

Alec and Laila - birthday cousins

Hangin' with Uncle Bronson

Emily And Laila

Cousins - Jared, Issac, Alec, Emily, Laila and Aria

Family bowling party to celebrate Miss Yeoman's teaching internship and fast-approaching graduation. Go Allisa! 


Laila and I ran away to Arizona for a bit, to soak up some sun and finally visit Erin! It was incredible! I miss her already! 

We visited an ostrich farm! Ya? Random, huh!? But so cool! We fed donkeys, deer, goats, ducks, ostrich, prairie dogs, and parakeets. My favorite were the deer. There were so gentle. Laila wasn't so sure about all of it, but she was way intrigued. 

The kissing booth! Ha! I was so terrified actually. But Erin was so brave, I had to follow suit. 

The Phoneix Arquarium. Ya! Who knew?!  A landlocked state with an aquarium, really cool! 

It was so nice to see Erin and Austin again. And a really nice break to step outside without bundling up. Loved it!