Friday, December 19, 2014

Heelllllooooooo October!

Every time it comes, I decide this is my most favorite time of the year. The weather is cooler and crisper, it even smells good. Apple picking, pumpkin patches, bonfires. And Laila decided Trick-or-Treating was the coolest thing ever. We went over to the outdoor Mall close to campus with some friends, trick-or-treating from store to store. Laila would say "Trick-or-treat", receive a piece a candy and then look back towards me and Cameron in total unbelief, like, "Guys! That's all I have to do and I get candy for it. Every time. Best day ever!"

Apple picking with friends! Seriously, the apples were INCREDIBLE! 

Pumpkin patch

Bonfire at the beach.

At our playgroup's halloween party. We had an awesome turn-out! Little crafts and goodies for all the monsters, fairies and witches. 

Laila kept me company on our Youth's Corn Maze trip. She was a trooper!  Let me tell you, this turned out to be an adventure. We organized the trip, bonfire included, for all of the youth in our stake. Around 50 people total. My good friend and counselor and I carpooled over together. We get back to the car after making it through the maze, totally soaked and muddy,  and it wont start..ah!!!! We both have our one year olds with us, of course. Long story short, we end up riding a bus home with a bunch of drunk college students back to U of W, which is close to home around 1 am. The car still stranded, with a dead battery in a mud soaked parking lot. We had to laugh, it was one thing after the next. 

Trunk or Treating with Opa at Lala and Opa' s church. Laila's impromptu costume was one from Lala's costume box, made by Laila's great grandma. Pretty cute clown.

Hitting up the zoo for halloween.  Grabbed one of the warmer costumes out of our costume box. Blustery day. 

Tinkerbell. Ready for some serious Trick or Treating. 

Cute girls! 

Peter Pan, Wendy and Tinkerbell at our ward's trunk or treat. More candy :) and donuts. I think Laila learned the words for, "candy", "chocolate", "donut", "cookie" all in one week. Yikes! :) 

Our Trip to ZIONS

Mid-September we took off to Utah for a family trip to Zions National Park. It was an incredible experience. Got to meet up with some good friends along the way and Laila got to spend some time crashing with cousins while we took off to Southern Utah. Thanks again to everyone for making this possible. 

Seattle friends. 

Playing together at grammy's 

Another Seattle friend :) Chels and I have plans for summer romances for these two, when they are WAAYY older! 

Playing with the cousins. 

Let the adventure begin. 

My canyoneering buddy. This was such a COOL experience. Cam and I decided we wanted to take up a new hobby, post grad school maybe :) I can't remember how many repels we did, but there was a good handful. Maybe ten or so. The last one was the kicker. Over 100ft. Throw yourself over that edge - big rush! 


Seriously, SOOOooo cool!

We did quite a bit of swimming. This looks like wading, but there was some full on swimming as well. Very cold water. 

2 day backpacking trip through the Narrows. Turned out to not go quite as smooth as planned. The previous day, I finished our canyon repel trip with a busted ankle, making hiking down the river for the next two days quite difficult. We also had some fun with a hornets nest, where I walked away with over a dozen stings. Thanks to Ben and Natalie for pulling them out of my hair and sacrificing themselves as well, they left with a couple stings. I don't remember them being that painful when I was a kid, but boy, they are painful! Especially when there is that many... I had no idea what was happening at first. I just felt like my skin was on fire and listening to my uncle tell me to run.  I realized at the point I had them all through my hair, along my arms and in my shirt. Yikes....even remembering it makes my skin crawl!