Sunday, November 10, 2013

November already!?


Top 3 Cutest Things
1. Dance. I am so excited to have a little girl who can dance around the room with me. I love turning on my Zumba music to practice and there she is on the floor practicing her own moves. I love her little bum shake. 

Cameron has started a new job! Yay! What a blessing?! Paycheck and great, needed experience!!! We are so grateful! Sadly, they have asked him to work Wednesdays, one of my Zumba nights. For now, Laila is going to my class with me. She did really well actually! I just parked her stroller up front next to me while I taught! The music was pretty loud, so who knew is she actually put up a fuss!? ;-) No, she really did do great. Here's a picture from Laila's first official Zumba class! 

2. Follows me around. I really could put this on the least cutest things too...ha! But I do love it, I just have to be careful not to trip on her! 
3. When daddy comes home. She gets in this pretending-to-be-shy mode, but she's not really. And tosses herself to and fro in anticipation for him to come and pick her up! She loves him! 

Top 3 Least Cutest Things
1.  She took her time adjusting to daylight savings. I never thought it really made that big of difference, but it really threw her off. Naps, meals, bedtimes....took us a couple days to re-adjust. 
2. Laila loves chasing the vacuum around. I'm not sure what her fascination with it is, but she loves to follow it around, making it almost impossible to vacuum. Sometimes she will cut you off and just plop her little bum on top of it....
3. Freak outs. She has no problem being the noisy one, but whenever someone else, ie another baby makes a loud grunt or schrill she let's you have it. When we get together with some of our friends and their little babes, Laila will have these random outbursts whenever she's not the loud one. 

Top 3 Funniest Things she does
1. Bath time is still a crack up! I'm so happy she loves the water! It is so funny watching her try and crawl in the bath tub - especially when I put some lavender oil in it. So slippery! 

2. She is really starting to get the whole put one foot in front of the other thing... and she gets this grin like, "Mom! are you watching this?! Look what I can do??"

3. Talking. I can't wait to find out what all these weird sounds and noises mean to her.

Top 3 Favorite Things
1.String cheese. She can't eat it fast enough! 
2. her Zebra. She just loves that thing. I mean loves loves loves! And let me tell you, who had the bright idea of making a cute stuff animal into a music are you supposed to put that in the wash machine?! That Zebra smells so bad.... 

3. Keys! and every other item that is not intended to be a toy; phones, remotes, garbage, dvd

(Speaking of garbage...epic "mommy" fail this last month! So sometimes, when our kitchen garbage gets too full we take the bag out and tie it up and leave it on the kitchen floor for the next time we go outside...since its such a journey! Anyway, that's what I had done. Well after searching everywhere else for Laila, I turn the kitchen corner and find her there, on the floor, the garbage bag ripped open, and my daughter literally licking the bloody packaging from the meat we had had for dinner the night before. AHhhhhh! I almost puked. After worrying that my child was now going to die from food poisoning we kept a close eye on her. No problems...go figure. Lesson learned.)

Top 3 Dislikes
1. Halloween. I'm a bad parent because I just had to laugh....She had such a hard time with masks, face paint, big hats, wigs, all of the above. We took her to the ward trunk o treat and she was not loving life. One of our friends was dressed up as a witch and had some fun green and black face paint on. She got in Laila's face to say hello and Laila lost it.
2. Avacados. I can not get her to eat these....more for me! 
3. Still not loving strangers. I think, well I hope, she is still in this kind of stranger-danger phase. I hope it doesn't last. She wont make any friends. And I feel so bad when people take it personal. It's amazing how fast that little scream/cry turns on or off. 

Top 3 Accomplishments
1. She's starting to take steps now while you hold her hands, pushing her walker, or using the couch.
2. She pulls herself up on everything. One of her favorite games is to pull herself up in her crib and throw herself down, bouncing on the mattress. I just pray that her diaper is not full! 
3. Two teeth! The two bottom front teeth. So small and SO cute!  

All Hallow's Eve

Halloween - Tangled style! Presenting Flinn Ryder, Rapunzel, and Pascal ( Rapunzel's lizard friend). We threw these costumes together for less than $10 ! Go Goodwill! and my talented seamster of a husband!  Laila's costume was originally a newborn pea pod costume - we had to cut holes for her legs! ha! 

We had fun! Ward Trunk Or Treat, Playgroup Halloween party for the kiddos (really it was for the moms), carving pumpkins with friends, trick or treating down-town "city-style" and Hocus Pocus. 

The two loves of my life! don't judge me. She was already really grumpy before I put her in the pumpkin....I really wanted a picture of her in it...but I think she was a little upset about the whole ordeal. 

Ok, had to take a picture with this person. So we went down to the University Village, its a big shopping mall next to the U of W campus. Lots of families go there to do there trick or treating....we joined the craziness just for the experience of it all, not really because Laila is old enough to actually trick or treat. It was fun walking around and checking out all the costumes. But this beauty had me laughing...I took the picture just for Cameron! He didn't think it was that funny! The cherry on top was Laila was in good spirits until we made friends with this "foot" - she is too much like her father! ;-)

Here are a couple pictures from our Halloween party. We had some friends over to spend the evening together!