Sunday, March 22, 2015

Laila's Two !

I have a two year old!! Although to be honest, I'm pretty sure she's been "two" for months! That girl comes with a whole truck-load of personality! On all ends. She is such a riot! I love watching her learn and explore. She doesn't stop talking and has such a thrill for life. Here's a glimpse into her little mind....

Laila's Top Three's for TWO ! and then some...perhaps :)

Top 3 Cutest Things
1. She can be so sweet and gentle. She will give out kisses and hugs like their candy. To anyone. She gets so concerned when someone is upset or in tears.
2. I love watching her play pretend and care for her baby dolls. She talks to them in the sweetest voice...big sister in training.
3. Her imagination is just starting to explode as well as her love of music. She loves singing songs, and is getting to the point to where she is learning the words better. I love driving in the car with her and out of no where hear pop corn popping or twinkle twinkle little star from the backseat.

Top 3 Least Cutest Things
1. We're learning to be nice. She can be so sweet, but can be such a bully too sometimes. If she's had the right wrong amount of sleep, meaning not enough, watch out for Laila. I don't know what goes through her mind... she'll be cruising through the playground, walk up to an innocent friend, push, hit, whatever and walk away. Leaving me speechless and disappointed. Needless to say we get to practice time out on almost all of our adventures. Usually she gets 3 strikes (time outs), then she's out and its time to go home. We're making it up as we go, but trying to hopefully teach her some good habits along the way.
2. We've really struggled recently with some things, not listening for one thing, sometimes doing exactly what I am asking her not to. Sound like a normal toddler? It can be so frustrating as a parent.. I can feel my patience draining and so confused how to teach her to be and do her best.
3. Her favorite word, "snack"....ahhh! "I want a snack!" This simple sentence is a source of much contention. Snack to Laila means crackers, and nothing but crackers will satisfy....first thing in the morning, just before bed time, right after nap...all times of day. It is such a battle sometimes.

Top 3 Funniest Things
1. Laila says, "Ya, sure " to everything! And so causal, like its no big deal. She'll throw a stink for something and you ask her the question of what she would like to get her to use her words and her response is, "Ya, sure." Like its no big deal, she could go one way or the other...just after expressing such passion indicating a life or death concern.
2.She calls all of her friend's moms "mommy" and her friends dads "daddy". I swear she loves them just as much too. She will run up to them from across the room with open arms and hugs and kisses.
3. She takes roll call every morning. I will go in to get her out of her crib in the morning and she will ask me for Lala, then Opa, then if she is disappointed it is just me and her once again! ha! Seriously, almost every morning we take the same roll call. Lala and Opa are in Oregon and daddy's at school.

Top 3 Favorite Things
1. She loves to swing. We call it flying like the birds, although she often makes airplanes maybe flying like an airplane. She could swing all day long.
2. She's a social butterfly. She gets so excited to go places, to see her friends, and to hit up kid's gym at the Y. Each Sunday, after the closing hymn for Sacrament meeting services she looks and asks, "prayer"? She knows what comes after closing prayer....NURSERY! The minute we say "Amen", she's off. Often hand in hand with a friend or two or her favorite nursery leader...I don't even get to make the walk down the hall anymore.
3. Wheels on the bus...thanks to LaLa.... that is a new favorite!

Top 3 Dislikes
1. When mom says no to crackers.
2.  Most foods, until she tries it. Thank you to Daniel the Tiger, she is more willing at times to try new things. We discovered the other day that she loves spinach salad- its all about the dressing though. :)
3. Zolt - her is our Hungarian maintenance guy here at the apartment building. Kind of a big, loud, scruffy looking man. She is terrified of him! She will cling on to me like a spider.

Top 3 Accomplishments
1. Her vocabulary has exploded! I love her little voice and I love it even more now that we are starting to understand one another!
2. She can be such a great helper when she wants to be, answering, "Ya sure" every time. Especially when she goes around to clean and vacuum the building with me, all four floors. :)
3. When she sings the ABC's and counts to 10 more and more of it is understandable and correct. I would still argue that she speaks mostly Chinese or Korean, but every once in a while something sounds like English.  (But seriously, she really does sound like she is speaking some Asian language...)
4.I'm going to add "going to the potty". We are not potty training officially...but she loves to go and sit on the toliet. We do nothing productive. But we go and sit , usually at the most inopportune moment, ie when we are trying to leave the house maybe, and we practice with the toilet paper, flush and wash. We've got the whole routine down, minus actually going to the bathroom. :)

My little lady...

again- I apologize for the side ways pictures...seriously can not figure that out!!!