Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Easter Easter and more Easter

We had a fabulous Easter ! And it has been an awesome spring! Especially for Seattle! I do love the rain, but the sunshine has been addicting! 

Coloring Eggs with close friends

Laila and I making Easter cookies together ! The little bug signed "eat" to me the entire time, like I had been starving her. She is so funny. We just went to the park the other day, and it was littered with blankets and people picnic-ing. Being the little social butterfly she is, she went up to everyone single one of those blankets, full of strangers, and signed "eat" to them. Food makes the best of friends I guess :)

Here are our cookies :) 

And I put together a simple little Easter egg hunt for our little playgroup. It wasn't much of a hunt, but still super cute. Our plan was to do it outside, but the weather didn't cooperate. 

She even looks like trouble :) 

Laila loved her bucket. 

Lala and Opa came up to hang with us for Easter weekend since we had to stay up in Seattle for Cameron to help out with Sunday meeting's  church services and musical program. We took advantage of the timing and hit up the tulip festival up north. It was freezing cold, but beautiful! 

 Ok, so this was seriously a little tender moment. Laila walked right up to this girl, took her hand, and would not let go. She just stuck right by her side for a bit. There is no reason not to be friends right off the bat, right?! So so sweet. The little girl just kept laughing, looking at her dad, like, "What do I do?"

Kissy lips :)

Easter Sunday. Two of the most important things in my life. One of the other's being what we celebrate this holiday season, the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Happy Easter everyone. 

We had a delicious Easter dinner with Lala and Opa. We were also able to celebrate with my cousin and her cute family who just moved from across the country. SO excited to have family so close. 

Easter baskets :) 

And then we finish off in style! Easter at Uncle Scott's! What a party!? 

Laila and baby Carter ! 

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Conference Weekend getaway

My parents have designated April conference as a family reunion weekend for the Alberts family. We took off to the Oregon coast, one of my favorite places. It was an awesome opportunity to spend time together as a family, get away for a weekend, and feast upon the words of our prophets. I have loved conference weekend since I was a youth. I think its an incredible opportunity to gather as an entire body of the church and I am always strengthened, uplifted, and redirected.