Friday, February 26, 2016

6 months and 2 1/2 ! Wow! How did that happen?!

My girls! August has come and practically gone! Bring on the caramel apples and pumpkin patches! I absolutely love this time of year. I love them both very much...that's easier to say now, because they are both in bed, peacefully asleep!

The BIG 3 for Miss Braylee and Laila bug...

Braylee - Half a year old already!
 Top 3 Cutest things
1. She is just a happy baby. Glad to be alive. Happy to be here. Her smile melts my heart. But I just love love love her laughs. I remember feeling that with Laila...the laugh of a baby just makes me smile. Blame the nursing hormones, but every time my eyes fill with tears.  She will get so milk drunk, that afterwards she just laughs and laughs. Laila will laugh back at her. She'll laugh back at Laila and back and forth it goes. :)
2. Double chin. She'll pull back her face to grin at ya.
3. Keeping mom in check. She'll play on her own or with others, pause, find mom, and then go back.

Top 3 Least Cutest things
1. Smiling up at momma with her mouth full of milk...we make a mess. But I love that grin!
2. When she nurses, she scratches at me...and if those nails aren't trip it really puts a wedge in our relationship! It's like someone scratching you in the same place over and really hurts!
3. She always is moving through a feeding. Its the weirdest thing. She will kind of fight me the whole time, more often than not. Legs running some kind of race, using a hand hitting, or swinging around, the other finding some place on mom to scratch over and over. And on and off, on and off. I stop nursing, and she's at peace. Nice and relaxed. Isn't that backwards?

Top 3 Favorite things
1. The door jumper (hangs on the door frame). She's much more graceful then I remember Laila being, like a spastic Energizer bunny. But Braylee will gently jump around, happy to be there, giggling at herself spin round and round.
2. Her sister, ironically (despite Laila rolling her across the room like a log, using her like a couch pillow, and smothering her with very rough hugs and violent kisses). She lights up when she she's Laila. And will just give her the biggest smile.
3. Bath time!

Top 3 Dislikes
1. Being sat on by her sister!
2.  Poopy diapers. One of the few reasons she gets upset.
3. Its hard to find a dislike for her........

Top 3 Accomplishments
1. I would say roll over, but we've pretty much pulled back on that. She roll from her tummy to her back. But she used to do it the moment you put her down, not so much anymore. She is happy on her tummy, props herself up and takes in the world around her.
2. Starting people food. Yum yum. So far not much of a hit. Tastes here and there. She'll give you a face that you are putting something nasty in her mouth, but she'll open up for maybe we'll convince her.
3. Not yet...but hopefully soon....sleeping and sharing a room with her big sister! Bah... what a challange!? They wake each other up, or rather keep each other from falling sleep. I know this has to be possible, I just know it. I hope we survive this! ;-) (a little dramatic...)

Laila at 2 1/2
Top 3 Cutest
1. When I wash her clothes and she finds her favorites hanging in her closet or in her drawers she runs up and grabs my leg and exclaims, "Thank you mommy!! I love you!"
2. When she tries to do things to make Braylee happy.
3. I love her little prayers. Some of her favorites include "I grate for... nursery, kate (nursery leader), emma, tessa, reese, logan (her friends - she names them all sometimes, including cousins), mom and dad, ashley and cameron, lala and opa (sometimes she mentions them 3+ times in the same prayer, grandma, grandma and grandma (that's g & g garner....not sure why there are 3 of them) humus (ha! that one makes me laugh), she always blesses the food, at bedtime too, grapes, her dolls, park, kid's gym, braylee, uncle scott......

Top 3 Least Cutest (I now understand when a mom asks, "Anyone want a 2 year old!? She's for free!" - cause some days....hmmmm....tempting my dear!)
1. Learning what is not nice to do and trying to find how to discipline and how to teach. Especially when she is tired.
2. Learning to sleep in the big kid bed. Holy moly. Keeping her in that thing is a trick! Again, trying to find a balance between discipline and teaching and finding what works (haven't found that) and what doesn't (founds lots of that).
3. Temper-tantrums! Ug. Although, I must say she does a good job when I ask her to go to her room and come back out when she has calmed down. She will come back out and tell me she is calm and ready to talk. That's a step in the right direction.
4. One of her favorite phrases, "I do it myself!"

Top 3 Favorite Things
1. She loves a party! And to her, anything can be a party... playing with her friends, visiting Opa and Lala or Grandma and grandpa, Play dates, trips to the park, kid's gym at the Y...she gets SOOooo happy! We call it her crazy person laugh, really that's about the best way to describe it.
2. She LOVES to sing. To music. To her own music. To mom playing piano, or Opa or Lala or Grandma Garner, or when she "plays" piano. She sings songs from nursery from Disney, from kids music or makes up her own. One of her favs is the Ariel Song ;-) Like mother, like daughter.
3. She loves her bike. Dancing. Bubbles. Painting. Puzzles. Books. Her dolls.  Her play food. Princess fruit snacks. Smoothies. Chicken Nuggets. Salsa. French Fries. Apples. Salad (because of the dressing I am sure). Dance parties. Going to the lake. Playing make believe (usually involving a tiger or a lion).

Top 3 Dislikes
1. Sunscreen. Serious. I have resorted to sitting on her to goop her up.
2. Spiders. I told her once to hold still because she was standing in a spider web (she was helping me water the tomatoes)...I have NEVER heard her scream so loud! She was terrified.
3. Going to bed. "I don't wanna to."

Top 3 Accomplishments
1. She's done this for some time, but she loves to read...and she can really do a good job at remembering, learning and retelling the story of a book.
2. She's also had her ABC's and counting to 15 down for a while too. She's a smart cookie. She loves to jump on the little tramp on the back patio, and counts her jumps...over and over.
3. She can sing through, "I am A Child of God" all by herself. One of my most favorite things in the world is to watch her sing to her sister when she is upset and crying and Braylee completely responds to it, usually with a smile.

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