Friday, February 26, 2016

Braylee's 10 months

Braylee at 10 months

 Top 3 Cutest things
1. Always has a smile for anyone and everyone. And it just is the most contagious thing ever.
2. Her sweet voice. I love her little garble and probably will be on of the things I miss most about this age.
3. She loves to clap. Often when something makes her happy or something makes someone laugh she will give it a good applaud. And why not? Life is good :)
4, One more :)...her crooked smile.

Top 3 Least Cutest things
1.Oh dear. She has got a stubborn side.  For such a sweet girl and one with such an innocent smile, she can be very determined to do things her way. And things that she is learning she shouldn't do or touch, she will do looking right at you, making sure you are watching her do whatever she wants.
2. Her sweet voice :) She seems to have a knack for singing. We attended Lala and Opa's Christmas Choir concert where she felt the need to join in. Needless to say we spent the rest of the concert in a sound-proof box.
3. We've digressed a bit on our sleeping habits. I think it is partly related to the 8 teeth that seem to have come in at times over night and the red sore bum she constantly has.

Top 3 Favorite things
1. Her sister.
2. She loves to swing. And going for "horsy rides".
3. Mama. She goes to Kid's Gym at the Y with her big sis while mom teaches her classes and/or gets a workout in. I love picking the girls up. Both give me the best greetings! B's face just lights up when she she's me come back. Some of the best perks of parenting! To have some love and want you that much! Just makes you feel important! And to love them back that much x100!

Top 3 Dislikes
1. Having her face wiped....its the end of the world.
2. Getting teeth- particularly all the fun things that come with it. She gets such a bad rash on her bum that I think is related.
3.  Not into that baby food stuff. Yuck :) She wants the real food. Bring on the cheerios, cheese, bananas, pears, avocados, noodles, greek yogurt (she is kind of a yogurt snob, but I can't blame her, me too! ), to name a few favorites.

Top 3 Accomplishments
1. More teeth. :) 8
2. She is taking a few steps on her own. She wants it and is getting so close. She will pull herself up and walk around as much as she possibly can. Just trying to keep up with that crazy sister of hers.
3. Mom hasn't been so on top of the hand signs with Braylee but she is starting to pick up a few. We have "more". And we can wave "Bye"

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