Friday, February 26, 2016

Families are Forever

This past weekend I was able to witness a sweet friend and her best friend be sealed in the temple for time and eternity. Hours before they're sealing I got a phone call from my dad who was in Utah with  mom, grandpa and all his siblings. Grandpa passed that morning. He had been fighting Alzchimers for the last several years but he recently go sick and things took a bad turn quickly. It was bitter sweet. Grandpa passed over 10 years ago and he was ready to be back by her side and have his mind and body back and functuning at full capacity. Years ago, when he was a child, his leg was ran over by a bus, and I always knew him with a bit of a limp that got worse and worse ad he got older. He also lived with epilesy. He was anzious and ready to call this life finished. But it is still hard to let go of a loved one.

After that phone call, later that morning, as I sat in that sealing room watching my friend and her soon-to-be husband I was an emotional wreck. See I feel the promptings and comfort of the Holy Spirit through tears, its just how I am built. But it was almost tangible that morning. I knew it. I knew it with total confidence. Families are forever. As I watch my friend and her husband be sealed together, I could feel that sealing power come full circle as I pictured the sweet reunion of Grandpa and Grandma. And I just knew...families are forever.

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